Care222 Partners

Our partners are the companies that bring you the best Far UV-C light disinfecting technology available.

Discover Acuity Brands® UV Light Disinfection Technology designed to reduce harmful pathogens and help people feel safer with a variety of science-based strategies.

Christie® CounterAct™ products with patented Care222® technology. CounterAct commercial UV disinfection fixtures contain Ushio Inc.’s patented Care222 lamps that emit far-UVC 222nm light that’s shown to significantly reduce surface pathogens in occupied and unoccupied indoor spaces.

UV Medico is a team of scientists, experts, and pioneers who are passionate about using light to prevent viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from affecting people, businesses, and companies. The UV222™ from UV Medico is based on Care222 technology produced by Ushio, Inc. and operates in full compliance with the EU directive on the exposure to artificial optical radiation.

Far UV Technologies’ Krypton™ Disinfection Lighting provides an autonomous, safe, and continuous disinfection solution for viruses, bacteria or fungi in occupied spaces. Our mission is to continuously maintain and improve the quality of life for people everywhere by reducing the pathogens that lead to infectious disease.

UVX Inc. is a Canadian-based company of engineers and scientists closely affiliated with University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine (Division of Infectious Diseases). UVX has developed Zener, the first intelligent Care222 product that can be centrally managed from a software interface.

UVC Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a global leader in developing UVC disinfection products for a wide range of applications and market segments. As a USA based design, development, and manufacturer, UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. focuses on customer needs from inception to the ongoing support requirements.

CyClean is the very first smart UV disinfecting service designed as a service with Microsoft Azure. We are a universal OEM turnkey global platform consisting of luminaires, robots, and an environmental monitoring system.

Population helps businesses future-proof against infectious diseases and create a healthier, more connected workplace.

7Shelter develops innovative commercial-grade electro-optical pathogen control and mitigation systems. Our Disinfector222™ line-up of optically filtered 222nm Far UV-C products employ the revolutionary Ushio Care222® light engine. Protect the people you care about with a solution that provides automatic, 24/7, hands-free, continuous pathogenic bioburden reduction.

Freestyle Partners, LLC has developed and patented a portable, handheld device with Care222® technology that inactivates pathogens such as coronavirus, Influenza, E. coli, Salmonella and more, from commonly touched surfaces in seconds.  When used within ACGIH dose limits, this can be achieved in a way that is safe on human skin and eyes in occupied settings.

uvDevelopment Corp. has integrated Care222® technology into the patented uvSafeLite™ sanitizing engine. uvSafeLite provides ultra-fast, safe, and effective sanitizing for small, shared spaces including elevators and restrooms. Our high-performance system is computer controlled, monitored by occupancy sensors, is IOT capable, and requires no labor. The system operates with no disruption of the normal use of the space.

My Lumens has developed a series of UV-C disinfection devices, using USHIO’s Care222 technology that can be safely and effectively implemented in inhabited spaces. As a manufacturer of specialized lighting products, My Lumens Technologies LTD. focuses on applying special spectrum light into a wide range of applications.

Puro Lighting provides innovative and powerful UV lighting products for a safer, healthier world.

Delta Electronics is expanding into both an industrial and commercial brand. Delta provides innovative, energy-efficient integrated solutions, helping to bring more value to their customers and to improve quality of life, such as solutions for UV bacteriostatic, air quality detection, and also expanding their focus to bring their energy-efficient solutions to a wider audience, including electric vehicle charging, smart buildings, micro-grids and renewable energy.

Yi Yuan Medical Technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales, to provide innovative solutions for customers based on Ushio Care222 Filtered Far UV-C technology.

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