What is Care222®? It's a revolutionary UV light technology that helps make shared spaces safer.

Care222® is a brand new kind of ultraviolet (UV) light technology that can neutralize viruses - including the coronavirus - in occupied spaces.

Care222® is a new and one-of-a-kind Far UV-C disinfecting light technology that inactivates bacteria and viruses in the same manner as conventional ultraviolet sanitizers but can be used while people are present. Care222® is not a stand-alone disinfecting system but is a key component in the very latest UV light disinfecting systems available.

Care222® Technology At Work

Care222® Far UV-C technology stops the spread of mold & inactivates other pathogens and bacteria. We tested the technology in a lab as we grew a mold that can make people sick. Watch the technology in action in our 6-day test.

Why Care222 Matters to You?

Lighting systems equipped with the Care222® technology will soon be in offices, stores, and the many other buildings that we need to go inside every day. You probably won’t notice them, but they will be there, continually disinfecting the air and surfaces.

The Care222® Technology

  • Quickly and quietly inactivates viruses and disinfects surfaces in occupied spaces
  • Is always on, continuously reducing pathogens even with people present
  • Contains proprietary filtering technology that no other company can offer

Feeling Comfortable Using Care222® Technology

Like a lot of the technology we are around every day, having a basic understanding of how it works often helps us feel better about its use. The most important thing to know is that when a disinfecting system powered by Care222® technology is being used in any public building, it has been put there to bring you and everyone else, peace of mind.


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