March 23, 2022

New Research Shows Filtered Far UV-C Extremely Efficient at Reducing Airborne Pathogens

A new landmark peer-reviewed study on the application of filtered far UV-C light sources for the control of airborne pathogens was recently published in [Scientific Reports] by a consortium of international researchers. The new research is the first of its kind in replicating how different configurations of fixtures utilizing Care222® technology could reduce the concentration of pathogens in a closed space. The test setup and procedure consisted of a sealed chamber mounted with filtered far UV-C fixtures, this chamber then had a continuous supply of aerosolized pathogens being introduced through an air duct.

The chamber was given time to reach a consistent concentration of pathogens before the lights were turned on to start the disinfection cycle. The researchers found that after the lights activated, the pathogen concentration was reduced more than 90% in less than 10 minutes. This test represents a scenario where an infected individual is continually shedding viral or bacterial particles into a space that is equipped with Care222 technology.

Percentage of viable airborne S. aureus remaining plotted on a linear y-axis for two of the exposure scenarios motivated by ICNIRP guideline exposure limits (5 lamps “Medium”) and ACGIH Threshold Limit Values (5 lamps “High”). Note that the pathogen was continuously released into the room throughout the experiment with a mechanical ventilation rate of 3 air changes per hour.

The results are extremely important in further proving that filtered far UV-C fixtures, operating within the ACGIH exposure limits, can reduce pathogens in a room significantly within a short period of time, even while new pathogens are being spread continuously. This study is further proof that filtered far UV-C light from Care222 modules is a powerful tool in being able to mitigate pathogens in real-time, while people are present.

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