December 14, 2023

Applied UV, Inc. and Silver Cross Hospital Illuminate the Future of Healthcare With Innovative Far-UVC 222nm Technology

Applied UV, Inc., a leader in global food security, air quality, and specialty building solutions today announced an innovative collaboration with Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois, for the implementation of the groundbreaking Far UV-C Puro Protect 222nm fixtures in the hospital's Sterile Processing Department (SPD). This significant initiative positions Silver Cross Hospital as a national leader in adopting advanced technology to ensure patient and staff safety.

The Far UV-C 222nm light technology, a product of the strategic partnership with Acuity Brands, is acclaimed for its ability to inactivate harmful pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, while being safe for human exposure. The installation of Puro Protect 222nm fixtures at Silver Cross Hospital greatly enhances manual disinfection processes, effectively reducing microbial contamination on high-touch surfaces, sinks, and pass-through windows.


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