November 6, 2023

Assessing the safety of new germicidal far-UVC technologies

An assembly of the world top scientists in photobiological safety has reviewed the status and potential gaps in the knowledge of effects of 222nm light on human eyes and skin. They come to the conclusion that based on current knowledge current guidelines for the safe usage of filtered Far UVC are sufficient and safe, but they point out various gaps in the understanding of certain details and call for more research and attention, especially at the highest levels of permissible exposure.

They collectively conclude that while studies to determine the highest levels of safe far-UVC exposure progress, deployment should persist under currently applicable limits, especially in areas with high infection risk and vulnerable populations. The widespread adoption of far-UVC technology has the potential to dramatically reshape the landscape of airborne disease control and prevention indoors, effectively curtailing the spread of both routine and pandemic respiratory pathogens.


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