February 22, 2022

Celebrating Care222® Day!

Happy 2/22 Day! This is an exciting time for 222 nm far-UVC light, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate! Following still more far-UVC safety studies, the US agency that sets the safety regulations for UV light has just increased the far-UVC exposure limit to well above what will actually be used in practice. And the most recent far-UVC efficacy studies have now been done in a full-sized room continuously filled with airborne microbes – just like a room with people who are continuously coughing. The really encouraging results there imply that safe levels of far-UVC light in an occupied room can provide as much protection as simply stepping outside into the open air!

Dr. David J. Brenner

Happy Care222 Day!

Today we proudly celebrate that a safe and efficient tool is here to fight back against COVID, Influenza, and future epidemics. Yes, the Care222 technology is ready to bring people together now!

It has been almost 8 years since Ushio started working with Dr. Brenner of Columbia University and developing our first 222nm light sources and optical filters. Since then a lot has happened. Researchers across the globe have proved that filtered 222nm technology is both effective and safe for use in occupied spaces. Our commercial partners successfully developed and released the world’s first UL certificated Care222 fixtures, and current Care222 installations in Japan alone have reached over 4800+ fixtures with more than 1.25 Million people safely exposed to filtered Far UV-C this year!

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of our commercial and academic partners worldwide who have helped to bring filtered Far UV-C technology from an idea to a reality. Without your dedication and support, many milestones never would have been achieved. Much of this work culminated in the recently revised ACGIH guidelines, which increased the exposure limit for filtered 222nm light by 7 to 20 times! This update comes as a direct result of the scientific research extending the knowledge and understanding of filtered far UV-C technology forward.

In addition to physical distancing, masks, and hand hygiene, the Center for Disease Control has emphasized the importance of improving building ventilation and air quality to control the spread of infectious diseases. New data now shows that the Care222 technology can contribute to significant increases in equivalent air exchange and improvement of air quality without the large cost of improving entire HVAC systems.

Recently research teams have measured that filtered far UV-C technology is capable of reducing aerosolized pathogens by more than 92%, providing more than 35 additional eACH (equivalent air changes) per hour, which would significantly reduce infection risks. This research shows filtered far UV-C technology, even when used within current regulations in a room with typical ventilation, can drop and maintain the pathogen level dramatically, even with a steady release of new pathogens.

As we look towards the future, we know there is a clear need for safer air and surface disinfection technologies and new approaches for improving hygiene in public spaces. I believe Care222 technology fits this need, and research data supports its safe use. Ushio is committed to expanding the successful and safe implementation of filtered Care222 technology across the world.

With the Care222 technology, we can bring people together again! Happy 2/22!

Shinji Kameda
Chief Operating Officer

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