May 17, 2024

Far UV-C Light Technology Shows Promising Results Against Candida auris

The study titled "Evaluation of an Automated Wall-mounted Far Ultraviolet-C Light Technology for Continuous or Intermittent Decontamination of Candida auris on Surfaces" investigates the effectiveness of a novel Far UV-C light technology in combatting the spread of Candida auris, a multi-drug resistant fungus posing significant challenges in healthcare environments. The research focused on the capability of the automated wall-mounted system to continuously or intermittently decontaminate surfaces contaminated with Candida auris, assessing its potential to serve as a reliable infection control measure.

Results from the study demonstrated that the Far UV-C light technology effectively reduced the presence of Candida auris on surfaces, offering a promising solution for continuous and intermittent decontamination. This technology provides a significant advantage over traditional methods, presenting a non-invasive, automated, and consistent approach to infection control. The findings suggest that incorporating Far UV-C light systems in healthcare settings could play a critical role in reducing the transmission of Candida auris, ultimately enhancing patient safety and reducing the burden on healthcare facilities. For an in-depth understanding of the methodology and results, the full study can be accessed here.

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