October 19, 2022

Seattle’s Space Needle Deploys Care222 Technology to Lower Viral Transmission Rates in Elevator

As part of what Space Needle special project manager, Joel Dazey, calls “a more targeted, intentional approach” to safety, the Seattle landmark has installed filtered Far UV-C devices in its elevators. The Space Needle hopes this instillation will be the first step toward a sustainable approach to reducing transmission of COVID-19, influenza and other airborne viruses. The Care222 integrated device is the result of Ushio’s partnership with Population, a San Francisco-based startup that designs filtered Far UV-C fixtures for the corporate sector.

The Space Needle’s decision to install Far UV-C technology in the close proximity space comes on the heels of a 2022 joint study between University of St. Andrews, University of Dundee, University of Leeds, and Columbia University that found ultraviolet light can reduce airborne microbes within a room by 98% in just 5 minutes. The Space Needle’s adoption of far-UVC technology has the potential to catalyze a shift toward the use of Far UV-C devices in more public spaces.

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